Duram Showfloor Polyurethane Floor Paint

Duram Showfloor Polyurethane Floor Paint is a single component water-based polyurethane floor paint. It uses a unique polyurethane technology that offers the high performance of twin pack epoxy systems, but in an easy, no-mix formula. This tough, long lasting floor paint resists scuffing, fading, cracking and peeling and stands up to foot traffic and abrasion. Chemical and stain resistant, it offers protection against UV rays. It protects and beautifies floors, offering a colourfast, luxurious medium sheen finish that enhances substrate texture. Application is easy with its low odour, quick drying formula that is lead free and environmentally friendly.

Product Uses

  • For commercial and residential floors.
  • Showrooms.
  • Light-industrial floors.
  • Kitchens and restaurants.
  • Garages.
  • Steps and patios.
  • For new or previously painted cement floors.


  • Single component easy, no-mix formula.
  • Polyurethane performance for toughness.
  • Excellent scratch, scuff and wear resistance.
  • Chemical and stain resistant.
  • Quick drying rapid hardness development.
  • Resists hot tyre pick-up.
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