• Smartkote
  • Hardwearing...
  • anti-slip...
  • protective coatings...
  • ...with a million & one uses

Smartkote is a complete range of high performance, tough, anti-slip coatings with far reaching applications.

Protectakote and Safekote are the two foundation products of the Smartkote range which includes specialist primers and topcoats. Both these key products are single component, polyurethane coatings which give an anti-slip finish and a high level of protection for the substrate against heavy traffic and corrosion. They are the right product to use indoor or outdoor in commercial, residential, industrial, plant or marine environments to name just a few.

Each of the Smartkote products have been developed to be easy to apply and provide the highest level of durability possible. Theese polyurethane coatings provide a thicker coat in comparison to rival products which ensures a tough but attractive finish. There is a range of colours and textures to choose from so the walkway, ramp, floor, truck bed or other area being coated can be given the perfect finish.

The coatings are flexible even in low temperatures and feature high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties with resistance to salt, water, petrol, diesel, acids and most chemicals.