What is the difference between Protectakote and Safekote?
The anti-slip granule in Protectakote is larger than in Safekote. They are both excellent polyurethane coatings that can be applied in a one pack form to the majority of surfaces with almost identical slip resistance it just depends on the location and the look required on completion.
Can Protectakote adhere to itself?
Yes Protectakote and Safekote adhere to themselves. This makes it very easy to repair - Simply clean first and then paint over the affected area and the product will bond to itself.
I have done a test patch of Clear and it has gone a little cloudy.
You may have put it on too thick or applied in high humidity, overnight condensation can do this if it is not sufficiently cured. It is best with the clear products to apply 3 thin coats and thin the first coat with 10% Xylene.
Does Protectakote have any resistance to acid?
Yes - Protectakote and Safekote will resist gasoline, acids, solvents and most chemicals making it ideal protection for vehicles, boats, factory floors, tanks and more.
Is the anti-slip finish abrasive?
No - The granules in Protectakote although larger than in Safekote are made of rubber so it will not abrade anything put on it. However if the surface is to be put on a boat or round a swimming pool then we would definitely recommend Safekote as it is more comfortable to walk on.
Are the products available as Water based?
A water-based version has been developed, we have limited colours and volume in stock. If you would like more information then please complete the enquiry form or call us.
How to clean brushes etc.?
For cleaning and thinning purposes only Xylene should be used.
What colours are available?
Our products come in a comprehensive range of colours as standard, with custom colours to special order (minimum quantity applies).
Our COLOUR CHART PDF shows the choice we offer.
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