Product Applications

The Smartkote range has a high adhesion rate to a wide variety of substrates and primers. All non-porous substrates with the exception of painted surfaces usually need a primer. All substrates must be thoroughly clean, dry and free from contaminants such as rust, salt, algae and grease prior to application. As with all paints and coatings the best adhesion is achieved if the substrate is correctly prepared. Once fully cured the Smartkote coatings are strong, flexible and unreactive ensuring a substantially longer life span than other antislip alternatives.


Unpainted, painted or galvanized metals including stainless steel, aluminium and iron can be painted with Smartkote products. Protecakote and Safekote can be applied directly onto motor vehicles, rails, suspension cables, level crossing parts and more as long as the correct preparation work has been done.


Interior and exterior surfaces can be coated in the Smartkote range with excellent results that last for years. The products will adhere to the majority of surfaces including but non-exhaustively Concrete, Tarmac, Wood, Laminate, Ceramic Tiles, Stone, Glazed Tiles and Wood. Protectakote and Smartkote will also adhere to themselves so floors can be painted in multiple colours to denote areas or safety lines without any bleeding.

Painted or Previously Coated Surfaces

Substrates that already have been painted or coated can usually have one of the Smartkote products applied without issue as long as they are prepared correctly. Most need to be lightly abraded and well cleaned with a solvent wipe so it is free from all contaminants. Paints including gloss, varnish and powder coated surfaces can all be covered as long as the correct preparation instructions have been followed.

Miscellaneous Applications

Due to the Smartkote range adhering to a huge range of surfaces and having the impressive properties it has the list of applications is almost endless, here are a few:
Road/Rail: Toll booths, truck beds, tail lifts and many others some of which are noted below.. For level crossings we always suggest using an accelerator to speed up the curing time.
Roofs: If a roof needs coating to extend its lifespan Safekote or Protecta-kote UVR are the perfect products. It can be easily applied with a roller across the expanse and provides a high level of weather resistance.
Bridges: Protecta-kote has been used to coat the suspension cables due to the amazing flexibility and lifespan of the polyurethane used in Protecta-kote. The rust, resistance to salt water and corrosion properties are essential for this purpose.

Other Substrates

The adhesion to a huge variety of substrates is possible including but not exclusively Fibre-glass, Rubber (nitrile or chloroprene), Epoxy, PVC and Plastics.

Application instructions for each of the products can be found on the Datasheets.


  • Pick-up bed trucks
  • Tail hoists
  • Tailboards of trucks
  • Truck and van beds
  • Military and Commercial Vehicles
  • Vehicle under coating


  • Deck Coatings
  • Aircraft carriers - wet areas
  • Jetties and quays
  • Cabin and machine room walls
  • Sump and battery areas
  • Canal boats
  • Pleasure boats
  • Pool surrounds and Spas


  • Jet fuel storage areas
  • Abrasion resistance for wing tips, etc.
  • Concrete runway coatings
  • Hangar flooring
  • Helicopter pads

Plant & Industrial

  • Bunding coatings/tank linings
  • Wet areas
  • Food processing tables and floors
  • Cold rooms
  • Chequer plates
  • Areas around machinery
  • Storage tanks
  • Sealing rusty pipes
  • Tool handles


  • Anti-slip safety flooring
  • Warehouse loading bays
  • Wooden decking
  • Any steps - both wooden and metal, vehicles, buildings etc.
  • Gangways/Walkways etc.
  • Ramps for wheelchair access
  • Farm buildings/stables etc.
  • Slippery areas like Marble floors, Tiles, or any area where the substrate needs to be seen
  • Stairs - emergency exits, fire escapes

Protective Coatings

  • Steel protection
  • Industrial piping lagging topcoat
  • Concrete protection and sealing
  • Tank lining for abrasive slurries
  • Bridge suspension cables


  • Bridges
  • Driveways
  • Railings
  • Level crossing paint
  • Roadway demarcation
  • Tollbooth road protection and colouring
  • Playgrounds and schools

Polar Exploration

  • Flexible coating for low temperatures
  • Snow mobile steps and running boards
  • Snow ploughs

Notable locations using Smartkote products

  • USS Nimitz (CVN-68) is a supercarrier of the United States Navy, and the lead ship of its class. One of the largest warships in the world, it was laid down, launched and commissioned as CVAN-68 but was redesignated CVN 68 (nuclear-powered multimission aircraft carrier) on 30 June 1975 as part of the fleet realignment.
  • USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) Aircraft Carrier
  • Disneyland Paris: Anti-slip coatings on stairways and walkways
  • Italian Autostrade: Toll booths and road markings.
  • Italian Airforce C271 and other Italian Military aircraft
  • Military Cargo Planes
  • Trawler Decks
  • Football Stadiums
  • Toyota Factory Floors
  • Lifeboats
  • Helicopter Pads
  • Severn, Humber Bridge etc., suspension cables