Duram Duraprime

Duram Duraprime can be used on both damp and dry surfaces and is especially effective for priming new concrete as it penetrates the surface, forming a strong, waterproof bond and allowing for easy overcoating. Duraprime is a twin pack, water-based epoxy primer of brush-able consistency for clean cementitious surfaces.

Product Uses

  • Prime damp and dry surfaces and bituminous surfaces before application of Duram 195, Duram Durapond, Duram Rainkote Fibre-Tech and Duram Durabak
  • Seal screeds


  • Easy to apply - no skilled labour required.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Compatible with most surfaces.
  • Economical and no specialised equipment is required.


  • 5 - 7m per litre per coat. Applied in a 1 coat application.
  • Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the surface.

Available Sizes

1 litre, 5 litre


Epoxy Primer


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Material Safety Sheet
Material Safety Sheet